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1 Quirky Shirt: 3 Styling Ideas

Incorporating newness with older, well-loved items in your closet is a fun exercise in creativity. Take a tee shirt you always wear casually and consider how you might dress it up with a statement necklace and blazer for a fresh take. Along the same vein, take a pencil skirt you usually use as a business bitch and wear it with a denim jacket and crispy white sneakers. You will get some new use out of items you already have, stretch your dollar and come up with unexpected pairings.

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The Search for the Perfect Fall Bootie

The search for the perfect bootie can be as illusive as the search for a new boyfriend. This is a staple of any wardrobe that needs to meet certain criteria: chic, comfortable and affordable (you want some budget leftover for new clothes too, right?!). I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time this fall sweating, hunched upside in shoe stores struggling with those disposable peds, feeling like every bootie option was either too tall, pinched my feet, too expensive or dowdy. THEN I MET MY MATCH!

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1 Dress: 10 Styling Ideas

The weather is getting crispy, Starbucks has declared PSL season and you have goosebumps when you get dressed in the morning (only to be sweating by lunch time). It’s that magical time of the year when you don’t know what to wear, and buying clothes to only satisfy this short transition window won’t cut it. Consider me your fairy godmother because I have the answer to your styling prayers. May I introduce you to your new fall-transition workhorse: 1 dress for $35 that will take you through three seasons and any occasion!…drumroll please….

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