The Search for the Perfect Fall Bootie

The search for the perfect bootie can be as illusive as the search for a new boyfriend. This is a staple of any wardrobe that needs to meet certain criteria: chic, comfortable and affordable (you want some budget leftover for new clothes too, right?!). I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time this fall sweating, hunched upside in shoe stores struggling with those disposable peds, feeling like every bootie option was either too tall, pinched my feet, too expensive or dowdy. THEN I MET MY MATCH!

I found these beauties at DSW for only $59.99

Who: Baretraps

What: Rizzo Bootie

Where: DSW

Doll Hairs: Only $59.99! (but DSW ALWAYS has a code available, so make sure you find some for some money off before you pull the trigger).

Colors: Cognac, Grey and Black

Why I Love You, Rizzo:

I’ve been wearing these for a month and a half and get compliments every time someone stops to consider my shoes. These have a 2” stacked heel which is extremely comfortable. This height makes it easy to walk without teetering, the stacked heel means you have some stability on slick or uneven surfaces. I am EXTREMELY prone to spraining my ankle every time the wind blows (no really, like 5x a year I roll those suckers and end up with 2 ankles like goose eggs) but, I haven’ toppled over yet.

The material is suede upper with small perforations throughout. I would not recommend wearing these in the rain, although I have gotten them a little wet and they still look new. The perforations are going to make this untenable in winter, but for fall and spring those little breathing holes are cute and comfortable. The sole is lightly padded and I usually wear peds with mine so it doesn’t get slimy inside.

Another note, I’m very short - clocking in at only 5’0. Booties can be a tough look on petite sizes because many styles come up above the ankle and can make legs look squat. These booties hit just below the ankle, making it the perfect placement for wearing cropped pants styles.

Right now I only have the grey, but have a blood lust for this shoe and I’m going back for the cognac style. What color is your favorite?